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The Last Jedi- Full Movie Re-Edit
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4-Jul-2018, 5:09 PM

No offense guys, but you were the ones who were insulting him and berating him behind his back, I’ve just gone through this thread after the link was posted on a Star Wars Reddit (SaltierthanCrait) thread, he isn’t forcing anyone to give him money, or pay for the edit, if people want to give him money in appreciation for the work then that is their prerogative.

I for one have enjoyed all the edited clips he has posted so far… I don’t agree with trying to composite in new actors or anything wacky like that, but the stuff like the saber toss, Leia flying, Luke not dying, Rey training montage etc… Have all been far better and less insulting than the original cut of the film.

I am certainly interested in checking out the other edits people are making here, and I was reminded through this site of the Extended cuts of the original 6 films that are being worked on here too (I remember seeing it a few years ago but not registering an account) so I’m glad to have found this community.

I think that most of us can agree that Rian Johnson performed a monumentally horrendous act in creating this film, which subverts, deconstructs, tears apart, and hangs upside down (before setting it on fire) so many parts of the Star Wars saga that had been built-up with love and respect over the past 40 years, even The Force Awakens was largely an enjoyable and respectful film. Any work that can salvage it even in the slightest, is worthy work in my opinion.

Here’s to Star Wars and the universe we love!