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4K77 - Released
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4-Jul-2018, 10:04 AM

NeverarGreat said:

BobaJett said:

From what I can view of my fragmented download, the one thing that really caught me off guard were the Tatooine scenes. Was everything really that yellow in the theatres? If so, I guess Ive been conditioned by all the home releases that give it a more natural look instead of the extreme yellow cast over everything.

The home releases were definitely graded to be more muted in their grading, for example Tatooine was quite yellow and the cantina was quite red in the Tech prints compared to later releases.

IN other words, closer to what we wouldve seen in the theatres back in the 70’s or early 80’s re-releases?

How wide of a release were the technicolor screenings? Im assuming they were uncommon and in bigger cities like LA or NYC. Until recently, I was always under the impression I saw it on opening day 5/25/77. But in fact, I actually didnt see it until 6/17/77, opening day for my hometown. That explains how my parents already knew that it was a good movie due to positive reviews from other cities where it was released 2 weeks earlier. I recall them telling me about it and showing me the cinema section from the newspaper with several reviews.