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Nate D
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4k77 - shot by shot color grading (a WIP)
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3-Jul-2018, 1:37 AM

DrDre said:

Here’s the thing with white though, it reflects other colors. Stormtroopers are only white in white light, and if the light reflected back at them from walls and such is white. If I put a stormtrooper in a room with green walls, the stormtrooper will be green(ish). In the case of Tantive IV, the walls are slightly bluish green, there’s red light coming from the walls, and the lighting is yellowish, so the stormtroopers won’t be white ever. They will be more yellowish, if they are directly under a light, they will be more pink if they are standing near one of the wall lights, and they will be more bluish green everywhere else.

While I dislike the result those variables cause, I understand what you’re saying. 😃