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Pioneer HLD-X0/X9 vs. DVL-909/919
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30-Jun-2018, 1:45 PM

ZigZig said:
DVL models are not good players, I would not recommend them. Their only interest was to have a DVD player coupled to the LD, but at the expense of the overall quality of the image.

Good to know. Will cross them off the list.

ZigZig said:
For what purpose do you look for an LD player? To view records in your living room? to connect to a projector? To capture old LDs and encode them numerically? Only NTSC or PAL? To connect them to a video card, or to a video upscaler? What is your budget?

Depending on the needs, some models will be more recommendable than others…

Right now, my collection is only NTSC. My reasoning for wanting an LD player is strictly for digital preservation so the quality and output is very important. I would use a standard video capture card for a format like Laserdisc. My budget is relatively unlimited because I would pay anything for the best player (not that I don’t look for a bargain), but let’s say $3,000 for all intensive purposes.