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Solo: A Star Wars Story — Official Review and Opinions Thread — SPOILERS
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24-Jun-2018, 10:20 PM

I only saw Solo once in theater, and when I left, I yawned 2 or 3 times. Why? The ending just sucked… the pirates and that awful scene with Darth Maul. But the movie suffered right from the beginning. In my opinion when it comes to story telling you don’t need to show anything that has no real relevance to the story… the audience can be informed by dialogue (like in ANH when Ben explains the force and about Anakin to Luke). So I was perplexed why they showed Han and his partner escaping Corellia - for her to get left behind. Then later on they abandon the story of Han finding her. To me the movie should’ve started when they were robbing the train.
After that things got better. The middle section of the movie was enjoyable. To me Chewbacca and Lando saved Solo, from being bad, to being okay. Not a re-watchable movie, at least not for me. All the action was necessary to try and distract from the fact, there was barely any story.
The droid was annoying, the main bad guy was dull. I would put this on a par with the Phantom Menace and just below Rogue One. That just like those movies, they could’ve been made better. Considering its big budget, there was no excuse for it being middle of the road. 6/10