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The Abyss - Special Edition (1989) BluRay Project - see Page 2 (Released)
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24-Jun-2018, 6:00 AM

Croweyes1121 said:

Beber said:

I haven’t burned it. It plays glitchy on this shot (see link below) on both MPC and my Zappiti 4K HDR mediaplayer.

This is still in v2.0. Its obviously an issue of something specifically just not playing nice with Premiere’s export. I even tried upping the bitrate substantially and just outputting this sequence…comes out pixelated every time. Ah well. Not worth sweating over a few seconds. Definitely peculiar, though.

Damn! That sucks. 'Cause the glitch is definitely not there on the logo-free open matte version I have:
Nor it is on a scope “hdtv” recording of the SE I have:
Maybe the solution could be to cut it out, working on it seperately, and then cutting it back in. I don’t know, just thinking out loud…