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Complete Star Wars Poster Collection
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28-May-2018, 6:45 AM
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28-May-2018, 6:53 AM
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doubleKO said:

Love your work SkyderHouseMafia. This was the sort of thing I had in mind when I started collecting digital posters. I was going to wait until I had scoured the entirety of the Heritage Auctions site to re-upload my collection but have been slack (I’m not even close). No Solo posters and many probably missing from R1/TLJ, but here is the latest Posters.rar anyway if you want to update links and check it out (1.92 GB). I have already replaced quite a few with superior examples from Heritage Auctions. I haven’t seen everything you have put up yet, but here are some suggested updates/additions off the top of my head:

Star wars Style A has glue marks, the latest rar has 3 from HA that I think are better overall (not sure which printing they are though)

SW '82 Re-release with no bubble

More textless transparencies, including Star Wars Style A without droids (colour corrected version by NeverarGreat)

ESB Style C (Australian) with fold lines removed (courtesy of Carbonite_Solo). This could use a colour correction or at least a bump in saturation.

I believe ESB Unknown was an unused poster design and I’m almost positive it was done by Tom Chantrell, although I can’t remember where I got that information

ROTJ SE is horizontally stretched, better one from HA (Date says March 14, not March 7 so I guess there are variants of these.)

Struzan Caravan of Courage with no fold lines

SW Style B 15th Anniversary less blown out/more detail

1995 VHS “Faces” posters

I often find it hard to pick one best example, I’m glad it’s not me doing the choosing!

Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll note all those posters down in the Worklist Reference doc. Looks like I can already upgrade a few with ones in your updated collection.

And yes, picking the best of many incredibly similar poster versions is a killer sometimes!