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Complete Star Wars Poster Collection
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25-May-2018, 3:01 AM
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28-May-2018, 6:50 AM
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A digital collection of every Star Wars poster officially released in the highest resolution available.

Created through countless hours of google image/tineye search, cropping and painstaking comparison of different sources, this collection has been years in the making. It features over 1800 posters and comes in at over 6GB. In addition to official posters, this collection also contains a large selection of alternate posters.


I would love this collection to be a collaborative effort; if you have any posters you could contribute, whether old or newly released, please link them.

My goal is to have this collection be the go-to source for any Star Wars poster, where fans know they can rely on this collection to find a classic or newly released poster in the highest quality available.

It would be great if when a new poster is released, we could have the highest resolution version quickly found, linked and added to the collection for everyone to enjoy.

I welcome any criticism or suggestions on how to improve the collection. Whether that be on how it’s structured, my naming convention, pointing out posters of sub-par quality or spelling mistakes I’ve made. The collection will no doubt be improved under the scrutiny and knowledge of more than one.


The posters are organised by film or TV show.

Subfolders or categories found within a film or TV show’s own folder are:

  • Variants: Any poster that differs from another by only format, composition or language of title are located in these folders. Similar posters that feature additional or alternate artwork or images are not kept in the variants folder, instead remaining in their respective main folder. Example, ‘ANH Style A (Twenty Four Sheet)’ and ‘ESB Style B French’ are variants of ‘ANH Style A’ and ‘ESB Style B’.

  • Textless: Non-natively digital posters in these folders are likely to have had their text removed via photoshop. Any natively digital posters are likely to be the very high resolution and extremely large, original, source file created that particular poster. Example, ‘ROTJ Special Edition (Textless)’ and ‘TLJ English (Textless)’ @ 93MB [9737 x 13572]

  • Uncropped: In case I’ve cropped a poster too aggressively or exported with overly harsh settings, I’ve saved the original uncropped file of every poster I’ve altered.

  • Banners: Any long landscape-oriented posters are found in these folders. Many banners also have extremely large and high resolution textless versions.

  • Characters: Character poster sets are grouped in these folders. These sets also often have extremely large and high resolution textless versions.

All alternate posters are situated in a dedicated folder divided into two sections.

  • Alternate Series: Sets of posters spanning the PT, OT or Episodes I-IX.

  • Alternate Singles: Lone posters representing individual films.

Single posters depicting multiple films are set in the main alternate posters folder.

The Future:

My aim with this collection is to have every Star Wars poster ever released available in one place in the highest quality possible. I will continue adding to and updating this collection, filling in gaps and keeping up to date with posters released for any new films in the future. I will also endeavour to upgrade any poster to a higher quality version whenever possible.


Worklist Reference: A spreadsheet that catalogues exactly which posters need to be upgraded, found or worked on. It features four tabs:

  • Sub-standard: A list of posters that are displayed but need upgrading due to visible reflections, low resolution, autographs or other defects.
  • Undisplayable: A list of posters that have very low resolution, watermarks or other unmissable defects and therefore can’t be displayed are kept here for reference.
  • Uncollected: A list of poster that are known to exist but haven’t been collected.
  • Identify: A list of posters about which no information is known or whose artist is unknown.

Changelog: The easiest way to see if a new poster has been added or what’s new to the collection in general.

Sources, Credits and Thanks: Links and info on where I collected many of the posters from.

I also have to thank and give credit to doubleKO whose own collection of Star Wars posters and art constitute a portion of this collection, in particular some iconic PT and OT posters. Aside from the posters in this collection, his also contains a great selection of high resolution promotional art, poster concept art and Ralph Mcquarrie concept art.

Check it out here: doubleKO’s Star Wars Poster and Art Collection

Most of all, please enjoy all the amazing posters and art! Google Drive isn’t a great image viewer so I recommend downloading the collection for the best experience. You can do that by doing by clicking the folder’s name. You can also look up in the top right and download individual posters. Don’t forget to zoom in and enjoy the high resolution. It’s incredible how much detail, especially the painted OT posters, have packed in them.

You can also search for a specific artist to find all the Star Wars poster’s they’ve created. Try Noriyoshi Ohrai or Drew Struzan. Hopefully you’ll find a poster or two you’ve never seen before!

Complete Star Wars Poster Collection: A digital collection of every official Star Wars poster ever released, in the highest resolution available.