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Master Sifo-Dyas
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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **
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24-May-2018, 3:25 AM
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I saw the movie in a preview screening and… I actually liked it! ^_^

First thing out of the way: Harrison Ford is irreplacable as Han Solo, no matter wether you agree with the casting choice or not. Given the impossibility of the task, the actor did a formidable job and there were a few scenes where he managed to get close.

Oddly enough, more distracting to me were the famous actors I knew from other appearances. They are all great, but just having them in there threw me out of immersion quite a few times. Especially Woody Harrelson stuck out to me like a sore thumb.

The most prominent character who really works is Chewbacca. Second to that you have an excellent Lando, who really is spot on in his portrayal.

The whole “Lando is a robo-sexual” thing is just blown out of proportions SWJ clickbait. What is shown in the movie could be seen that way, but is by far open to interpretation - even if you have read that dumb article and are forced to look at it through that lens. Lando just cares about his droid, much like Luke treated 3PO and R2 as equals instead of underlings.

The writing is fun and doesn’t do any over the top universe rewriting.

Other than that it has great alien creatures and what stood out for me: Droids! Lots of very cool banged up customized droids. Stuff like this really helped to root it in the StarWars universe.

Over all things have more of a used look, except for the Falcon which really is just so squeaky clean not because it’s brandnew but because it’s Lando’s ship who is all about style. You can almost imagine him looking for a different parking spot not to get a ding in the pristine paint job.

All in all it’s a fun little space heist adventure with Han, Chewie and Lando. And that is all it had to be.

Right now, I have to say this is (unexpectedly) my favourite post Lucas era StarWars film.