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Ranking the Star Wars films
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23-May-2018, 4:41 PM

First of all, expecting that people can correctly transmit what they’re trying to say without needing to repeat or clarify a few points is already ableist, not everyone can do it in one try, and not every mind works the same way.

And second, I prefer to be the kind of person that considers something ableist even if it isn’t, since the world in which we live is already ableist AF (so, at best, it may happen that we err on our analysis but our intentions are in the good place and we probably won’t hurt anyone), rather than the kind of person who makes jokes about some discussions about ableism in Star Wars (“lulz K2 is disabled”, which was a metaphor, not an actual description of the character) and then uses his disabled daughter to appoint himself as an authority on ableism.

As I already said on my previous comments, I knew the reaction would be hostile and negative. And that’s what has happened. So I’ll stop posting in this thread. Good day to all of you.