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Ranking the Star Wars films
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23-May-2018, 3:31 PM

TV’s Frink said:

I don’t think the term SJW should be a pejorative.

I also share your view, but that’s how it is used.

I believe it’s not asking for much to ask that we show respect to other people who’ve committed no crime other than being different than us, purposefully or not. I have a high-functioning daughter for God’s sake.

I know that. And when you were banned after you reacted against another user who said the r-word (wasn’t DrDre?), I was with you. And that was at a time when I already had many problems with your general attitude. But I thought it was a dirty move to use your past actions to diminish your reasonable criticism, because your daughter and other disabled people are not guilty of being different, and they should not suffer violence for being different.

And I am completely baffled by this complaint.

Fine. This is not the first time I see people seeing some forms of ableism and denying others. It also happens with many others types of violence and oppresion. After all, some Asperger people think of themselves as better than other autistic people. So even in the disabled community there are some shitty views and attitudes (that does not mean Asperger people does not suffer ableism; they do).

I know I’ll never convince anymore, so I honestly prefer to not speak of this topic anymore. I knew people would say I’m exaggerating, that I’m just a SJW that wants to ruin everything, so… Whatever. I gain nothing from continuing this particular conversation.

If you don’t want to read my comments anymore, do whatever you want. I just say that, if your rude comment was because you didn’t find my comments enjoyable, there was no reason to be so rude. If it was because you misunderstood me, then no problem, sorry for the confusion.