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23-May-2018, 2:50 PM

TV’s Frink said:

GZK8000 said:

I did not like K-2SO, since I saw him as the robotic equivalent of a disabled person


I thought you didn’t want to read my comments anymore, but okay, here’s my explanation.

Generally speaking, the comedy about K-2SO is about:
a) K-2SO doing something “bizarre” and “superhuman” (like holding a grenade until the last second)
b) K-2SO delivering “funny” lines (“That won’t be necessary”)
c) K-2SO being unable to understand the context in question (when the characters don’t want to speak, for example); sometimes, it may be that K-2SO repeats the same line a few more times than “needed”, or he says something inappropiate, whatever.

Now, it’s one thing to make an occasional joke about a character missing a point, doing something inappropiate, etc. Sometimes we do some mistakes that we later found embarrassing (Threepio interrumpting Leia and Han kissing), sometimes we say lines that are funnier than we thought, fine. However, with K-2SO, most, if not all his comedy, is about this. It’s about a character not understanding the expectations that the others have in their mind, a character been always criticised for saying inapropiate stuff even although he seems to be completely unable to comply with these expectations, all the time. So it’s not that K-2SO is a rude, inmature robot, rather, it seems K-2SO can’t really act according to what the others expect all the time, and rather than the other characters understanding this limitation he has, they react negatively.

Since K-2SO is a robot, in this case, it seems the robot lacks the appropiate programming. But my point is, had K-2SO been a human character, the comedy would have been essentially the same. Who doesn’t laugh at Homer Simpson’s stupidity? Therefore, I found K-2SO related comedy ableist, and I hated that.