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Ranking the Star Wars films
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23-May-2018, 2:23 PM
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dahmage said:

and i fail to see how they are any less relevant than K-2SO, Saw, or Bohdi.

Bodhi at least is the one who defected, tried to communicate with Saw Guerrera, and helped the group to infiltrate Scarif. Not a lot, true, and after the Jedha scenes his relevance is pretty small, but I do understand his appearance in the movie. I liked him, but more could have been done with him.

I did not like K-2SO, since I saw him as the robotic equivalent of a disabled person, as most of the comedy surrounding him is about his inability to understand the context of the moment (example: when Cassian tells him to keep fixing the stolen ship) and making inapropiate comments. There are some shades of this in OT Threepio too, but Threepio is more of a coward and a fish-out-of-water character, rather than a robot with complete lack of emotion-related programming, which seems to be the case with K-2SO. Case in point, if you replace K-2SO with a human, would you laugh at the jokes?

Saw… a wasted potential, personally. He may have been a pretty decent villain or antihero. But then you see that his brain erasing monster can fail to wipe a person’s memory, and he diminishes as a character. Still, there was some potential there.

and it sure seemed like you singled them out because you don’t like the idea of possibly-homosexual characters (this is open to interpretation, i don’t think anything official has stated this by the way).

Sorry but you completely misunderstood my previous comments. What I criticise is that they did not make their homosexual relation more explicit, and that they went to the tired idea of making them a tragic couple where one of them dies and the other is unable to cope with the loss of his lover. I did not criticise that they’re gay. Nor I have a problem with Lando being pansexual.

if you don’t like movies with a team of characters like this, then fine, nobody can convince you to like something.

Nor I am trying to convince others. This isn’t an important conversation, it’s just a bunch of people expressing their opinions.

AllAboutThatSpace said:

Is there anything you do like?

I like Bloodline from the nuEU a lot. I like some Star Wars games.

I do understand what you were trying to say, but I fail to understand how my attitude is different from others, specially since I don’t tend to attack others for their tastes (I have made the occasional joke about the PT, sure, but Frink is much worse than me at this) or have a passive-agressive attitude. My only complain here is that there was no reason for Frink to write a comment that only serves to a) put him as a better person than me, and b) open hostilities. If he (or you, or others) don’t find my contributions interesting, that’s okay. Not everything every user here writes is interesting to me. But unless he or others have some serious problems with my attitude (or unless I do some really shitty action), I don’t see any reasons for Frink to write that comment. That is all.