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Ranking the Star Wars films
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23-May-2018, 1:06 PM

dahmage said:

Krennic works well as the guy who is losing power. it makes him desperate. I don’t get your complaint that him getting weaker is a problem.

For me is a problem because it degrades both the Empire and the plot of the movie. If Krennic were a local leader, I wouldn’t have a problem with him losing power. But I have a harder problem with the guy who is responsible for the Death Star project being so weak after his powerful flashback scene that he needs to be told by Tarkin that the defector pilot comes from Galen Erso’s facility.

OK, not everyone in the Empire is as intelligent and capable as Vader or Tarkin, I get that. But Krennic could have had some iniciative of his own. That he finds out his base is being attacked, okay, that’s fine. That Vader needs to tell him he needs to re-check everything about Galen Erso, ugh not really.

dahmage said:

and i don’t think i will respect the rest of your post. Chirrut and Baze were wonderful characters.

Lol “respect” is a rather strong word but ok. My point isn’t that Chirrut and Baze weren’t wonderful characters, I never said or implied that. All I said is that they are not needed for the plot. They are not connected to the Rebellion, Jyn, Galen, Saw or any of the characters and factions. They appear in Jedha City, they save the heroes, then they’re captured with the heroes, and then they follow the heroes because they have nowhere to go. They’re mostly in the background, although they’re part of key scenes of the movie.

They may be wonderful character (and, in fact, I prefer them to Jyn or Cassian), but since they aren’t further developed (unlike Han in Star Wars) they felt unneccesary. Had they been more prominent after Jedha City, they could have worked.