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Info: The Frighteners - Signature Collection laserdisc preservation thread
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3-Jul-2005, 4:01 PM
I worked at a movie theatre years ago when Frighteners came out. Since I was one of the projectionist at the time, I was in charge of making sure all the movie posters were current on Thursday night for the Friday releases. One of the best movie posters I ever saw was the 3D poster for the Frighteners. All of our customers could not take their eyes off this awesome poster and I was lucky enough to take it home with me when the movie left our theatre (only two weeks later ).

Anyways, I have always really liked this movie and Peter Jackson so I am very interested in this project. I saw these LDs years ago (college friend had them) and remember really enjoying them. If you guys need any more money for shipping or other fees, let me know because I would love to contribute to the preservation of this set. PM me or e-mail me at phuckaduck at

I now have hung up my 3D Frighteners poster in my movie room in anticipation of watching this great set again.