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REVENGE OF THE NERDS (* unfinished project *)
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8-May-2018, 5:58 PM

The Beta tape unfortunately suffers a lot of background noise. The noise level goes up immediately after the CBS/Fox intro and the file begins, gets worse somewhere in the middle and down a bit the rest of the film. I have no idea if this is from the ravages of time, exposure to magnetic fields or just really poor mastering. I dug out some other Hi-Fi tapes I have just make sure the deck was working properly. It is.
However, I think the audio for the phone number scenes can be cleaned up. Here’s a sample, and this is pretty good compared to other parts of the film.!6081VBZT!Mfth37o0q4m6qBBw9-BioSla_BeyXvzzWOg317TxKGk

If the LD audio is better, than this is academic of course. But I’d be up for capturing a VHS Hi-Fi as there are some sealed early 2000’s copies on Ebay. The phone scenes could be patched from the Beta.
On a side note, did the Mission Impossible theme music always seem to start a second late into the panty raid seqeunce? This occurs around a reel change and may simply be a video mastering error.