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Dek Rollins
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Films re-released with alterations
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6-May-2018, 11:16 AM
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partious said:

I watched my 1985 Rocky laserdisc (Japanese) recently and noticed during the final scene that some of the audio was different from the version on blu ray and dvd.

After the final bell in the Rocky\Apollo fight, a piano piece plays briefly before the main music kicks in. IMDB mentions this was removed for the surround sound versions for DVD.

The next thing I cant find any reference to online. On the Laserdisc after the final bell rings, Apollo says "Aint gonna be no rematch" just once and Rocky replies "Dont want one" twice, the second time sounding quite emotional and like he REALLY doesnt want one.

Does anyone know when they changed that to the version that is on every DVD\Blu Ray\youtube upload that I can find of the scene. Apollo saying “Aint gonna be no rematch" twice, followed by a single relatively nonchalant "Dont want one” from Rocky?

The original mono on the BD has the piano playing while they don’t want no rematch, but yeah it has Apollo twice and Rocky once, so I’d be curious to hear that LD. Could you record that bit of dialogue and post it online?