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Darth Lucas
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***The ADigitalMan non-Star Wars DVD Info and Feedback Thread***
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23-Apr-2018, 9:53 PM

darkjedi664 said:

I have the Harry Potter blu-rays, and my version of Philosopher’s Stone (perhaps imported from Canada) just uses clever camera angles every time someone mentions “Philosopher’s Stone”. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone where they actually show them saying that phrase on screen.
Explanation: The BluRay version always cuts to a reaction shot from another character, or there’s a door in the way, etc. I thought that Mr Columbus used clever camera angles from the start.

They say it visibly on screen several times in the US Sorcerer’s Stone version. I figured they just shot all those scenes twice for the various versions.

I personally hate “Sorcerer’s Stone” because 1. It’s just plain stupid because the Philosopher’s Stone is a pre-existing bit of folklore. and 2. It’s insulting because it was only put in place because publishers thought American kids were too stupid to know what a philosopher was.
But I’ve never gotten a hold of an NTSC version of Philosopher’s Stone. I did a sort of shady download of an mkv rip once (I own the US version on bluray, dvd, and vhs so bite me. They have my money) but never actually ended up watching it all the way through before my harddrive I had it on bit the dust. I wish they would sell a bluray with both versions on it, so people could take their pick, rather than be limited by where they live.