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Reconstructing the prequels from what was implied in the original trilogy
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21-Apr-2018, 11:50 AM

These are interesting ideas.

I’ve also contemplated the issue of Luke using his Skywalker name. Sine we really can’t get away from that I think the thing to do is:

  1. Make Obi-Wan the protagonist of the film. He’s the character we follow in the trilogy.
  2. Play this thing out where Anakin has no idea of kids at all. Maybe he’s been made to believe Amidala is dead by episode 2 in a very convincing way. I think the only way to help this as mush as possible is to portray it as Anakin has no clue kids were conceived or born at all.

That last bit would have to be achieved by having a lot have to happen in Episode 2. Maybe “The act” happens in episode 2, but the fake death of Amidala happens there as well which would plunge him deeper into the dark side.

The third film takes place 9 months later. The birth of the twins occurs, and a side-bar adventure is Padme going through a series of events to hide the kids, and act that at one point leads to a sacrificial death. None of which Anakin is privy to as he’s busy with his Jedi Holocaust.