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Released on Mega. PM me. If you download it, upload it somewhere else before it’s cancelled.

Hi everyone.
First of all I apologize if my English won’t always be perfect.

I never made any Fan Edit, but I watched some of them.
Now… even though I love the OT, I don’t completely hate the PT. Episodes I and II are by far the worse ones of the saga, but I’ve always enjoyed Episode III (Anakin’s passage to the dark side, some acting performances, the end of the Republic and the birth of the Empire).

But of course it does have some huge problems.

  1. Cheesy scenes. Of course SW has always had some light moments, jokes, etc. This is something that comes with the package. So i’m not talking about childish scenes. I’m talking about lighter moments that TO ME they felt out of place.
    One example: “Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our speciality”. If we don’t consider the Clone Wars, the last time Kenobi and Skywalker met Dooku, the master was injured and the apprentice lost his hand. That self confidence is completely out of place.

  2. The revelation. Here comes the real thing. These 3 movies are not just prequels. A prequel is something clearly made after some movies, and that are usually made to be wathced after those movies.
    These three are clearly named Episodes I,II,III. They are MEANT to be watched before the OT. But, as we all know, this ruins the experience, becuase in Episode V the plot twist is destroyed.
    Yes, there is the Machete Order. But as the universe gets bigger and bigger, if you want to experience the whole products that is not sufficient. You can watch Episode IV, V, II, III, VI and then the sequel trilogy. But then what about the Clone Wars, Rebels and the spinoffs?

This is what I’d like to fix.
But there is an unbeatable problem. Episode IV’s Obi Wan. He clearly says that Darth Vader was his pupil, and the only apprentice we see is Anakin. So, if we don’t want to change Episode IV, nothing can completely fix the problem.

But I tried to at least improve some things, so that when you watch Episode IV for the first time, you can have some doubts about Vader’s identity, but you are not sure.

PS: I never made any fan edits, as I said earlier, and the only program that I have is Sony Vegas to make trailers/tributes on YouTube. But I took the opportunity and I changed something else.


  1. Overall color correction. Times are getting darker. The Empire is closer. So I desaturated the too-much-colorful scenes, trying to get the more empire-ish grey/red colors (the Venator class SD at the beginning, for example).
    Kenobi and Skywalker’s lightsabers are now more light blue than before, more in line with the OT.

  2. Removed parts of the buzz droids scenes. Anakin frees Obi Wan just by firing at them.

  3. R2D2 does not fly. It could have been a nice idea IF the movie had explained how R2 lost this ability. But the movie didn’t do it, so it is better to remove it.
    Fortunately there are just two scenes during the first arc, so R2 does no longer destroy the two federation droids with fire.

  4. Removed “Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our speciality”, and “My powers have doubled since blah blah blah, Twice the pride, double the blah blah blah”.

  5. Removed the federation droid kicking R2, but I kept R2 hitting the wall. I don’t want the movie to be too much serious. I simply want to remove the too-much-idiot things.

  6. When Grievous arrives on Utapau, Palpatine does not tell him about his new apprentice. Grievous is not his apprentice, he does not use the Force. Palpatine has no interest in revealing his plans to a half droid. So the scene ends when Palpatine tells him to move the CIS leaders to Mustafar.

  7. Removed the balcony scene on Coruscant. “I’m so in love, I love you, you are beautiful, you are blind”. Come on!
    After the panoramic view of Coruscant we cut to Anakin’s dream.

  8. During the dream I added background scenes of Anakin killing Dooku, Shmi’s death and the voice of Palpatine saying “Do it” twice, plus his wondeful laugh. They are only soft background black and white scenes, but I think they are sufficiently effective.
    Anakin must be tormented by Padme’s possible death,and that’s ok, but not ONLY that. We must feel that he has an “Odi et Amo” relationship with power.

  9. Removed the “I remember when I gave this to you”. It’s a silly way to make you remember it from the first movie so that you will recall it when Padme dies. But since Padme does not die in my edit, this is not necessary.

  10. Many of the Kashyyyk scenes are left untouched. That is a completely natural world, and it is far from political rottenness of Coruscant. So no color correction there.

  11. No Tarzanish Wookiee.

  12. During the second dream scenes, again the voice of Palpatine. “Learn to use the dark side… the dark side of the Force… power to… power to save Padme”.

  13. Reduced scenes with Obi Wan’s mount. God, it is so annoying.
    Also shortened (not much) the chase between Grievous and Obi Wan.

  14. Now come the important things. Removed any mention of Darth Vader (apart from the end), and Anakin does not beg Palpatine for help with Padme. I want the Dark Side to be something different from simply “becoming a bad guy”. When you fall to the Dark Side you become something else, and your previous feelings matter less.
    We see Anakin becoming evil, but we are not sure he will become Vader.

  15. Removed the scene and any mention to the Jedi Temple attack. As I said earlier, the problem with Ben telling Luke that DV was his apprentice is not fixable in Episode III.
    But Ben also says that DV “helped the Empire hunt down and destroy Jedi Knights”, and that is something we can use to our advantage by NOT showing Anakin killing Jedi knights.
    By removing the Jedi Temple, it seems that only CLONES are responsible for the Jedi massacre, not Anakin.
    Again, there is always the problem of “He betrayed and murdered your father”, but I think it can be accepted as a doubt about Ben’s feelings. Like “Why is Ben telling this to Luke? Maybe because he is ashamed of having killed Anakin and he blames Darth Vader for itm because otherwise Luke would not trust him?”.
    So Palpatine does not send Anakin to the Jedi Temple, but only to Mustafar. No Jedi Temple, no younglings killed, no Bail Organa’s scene (when we see his ship leaving we suppose it’s just because of the clones’ rebellion), no Padme telling Anakin that she saw fire from the Temple.

  16. No Tantive IV scene with Obi Wan, Yoda and Bail.

  17. I had to keep the scene where Yoda and Obi Wan go back the the Jedi temple because it is the only way Obi Wan can find out about Anakin. Yes, I removed the Jedi Temple attack scene, and here we see smoke in it, but it can be seen like “They are fighting now” or “The clones killed some Jedi before”.

  18. No Obi Wan and Yoda entering the main hall and wondering who might have killed the younglings.

  19. When Obi Wan watches the recordings he, of course, does not see Anakin killing Jedi, but only him kneeling before Palpatine, who calls him “My apprentice”.
    Also, considering I removed the Tantive IV scene, the “signal to tell surviving Jedi to go to the Temple” trap is gone. But Obi Wan’s recalibration still remains. It is not a response to the trap, but simply an initiative by Kenobi and Yoda to save as many Jedi as possible.

  20. No “Consumed by Darth Vader”.

  21. This comes from a review I saw some time ago. The Obi Wan-Padme scene where Kenobi tells her that Anakin is a bad guy now…
    It is a very powerful scene, one of my favourites, the score is amazing, Obi Wan finds out that Anakin is going to become a father. And that is even more tragic.
    But it is set during daytime, with sun, etc., and all epicness falls. This scene should have been placed in a different setting, with a different weather. Think about Rey and Luke fighting in Episode VIII. It rains, it is dark. You know, environment enhances a scene.
    Now the Obi Wan-Padme scene is darker. Not during the night, but surely not on a sunny day. I tried putting rain on the background. During the opening of the scene it was nice, but then I had to mask the two characters… and it didn’t look good.
    Maybe I will try again, but I’m not sure.

  22. Again, no mention of youngling by Obi Wan or Padme on Mustafar.


  24. Removed “Not if anything to say about it I have” and “You will not stop me. DV will become more powerful…” and “Faith in your new apprentice misplaced…”. Less theatrical talk, more direct action.

  25. I kept the Anakin/Obi Wan and Palpatine/Yoda fight scenes. The first one especially is too much… too much. Action, color, coreography. But I kept it just for its stateliness.

  26. No “I have the high ground”.

  27. The last we see of Anakin is him “dying” on Mustafar. No Palpatine rescuing him and no Palpatine talking to Clones about Yoda.

28)Instead of that scene we cut to the Tantive arriving on Alderaan.

  1. Luke and Leia are born on Alderaan, not that asteroid. And not Naboo. Naboo is the home planet of Palpatine. It would not be safe.

  2. No “She lost the will to live”. She is depressed, and we clearly see it, but she does not die by childbirth.
    Obi Wan and Yoda are seen sad because of the dark future these two kids will have to face, and because they could be inclined to fall to the Dark Side (foreshadowing Yoda’s skepticism about Luke in Episode V).

  3. No mention of Luke and Leia. We only know that there are a boy and a girl. It will be obvious she is Leia, but that can’t be fixed unless I remove the entire Yoda-Obi-Bail chat about the children. Bail clearly says that he will take Padme’s girl.

  4. Just after “It’s a girl”, we cut to Darth Vader emerging.
    We don’t see him being cured and “repaired”. By cutting it out, it looks like Vader was Palpatine’s secret weapon, kept there in chain because of the danger he represents.

  5. New music, a remix of the Imperial March. Darth Vader frees himself and starts crushing things with the Force while Palpatine laughs. No sad music. No “NOOOOOOOO!”.

  6. Cut to the Star Destroyer scene while the music continues, where we hear Palpatine calling him “Lord Vader, a powerful Sith you will become”.

  7. Then we cut to the Tantive IV, where Yoda, Bail and Obi Wan talk about Luke and Leia. While they talk we see Bail and wife keeping Leia, and Obi Wan bringing Luke to Tatooine.

That’s it.
I don’t know if this will be good.
We know Anakin becomes bad, and so we are worried about Luke, cause he could follow the same path.
We have some doubts about Darth Vader’s identity, mostly because of Obi Wan (“He was a pupil of mine… He murdered your father”) but we are not sure.
Padme does not die but she is depressed. She will stay on Alderaan, so that Leia can remember her in Episode VI.

This should not take too much time. If you are interested, any suggestions are welcomed, and maybe I will post some pictures.

Thank you all!