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What's Actually in the Movies? (for a GURPS RPG)
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16-Apr-2018, 5:49 PM

Tyrphanax said:

This is a cool thread. I’ve always considered doing what you’ve done, so it’s neat to see how you’re going about it. I like the purist approach, I honestly hadn’t thought of that. Very interesting!

I have a couple of reasons for taking this tack, one because I wanted to stick as close to GURPS as possible without having to create custom rules for everything (which would be necessary if I went with the Expanded Universe or even the Pre/Sequel/Canon Novel universe); the other is that I wanted a chance to go in directions with the technology and society that would be genuinely novel to people familiar with the product line of ‘Star Wars’ and perhaps closer to the source material (old sci-fi and Flash Gordon type stuff) than the self-consciously Star Wars products were.

I do something similar with Star Trek and the Prime Directive RPG, taking the original series and animated series as the gospel (or at least a reasonably accurate report someone gave on actual events), while ignoring all the later shows and most of the movies/books/technical manuals. The result is something that’s a lot different from the Trek Expanded Universe and any of the RPG-verses, but also recognizably a version of the Original Series world.