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Anakin Starkiller
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A Collaborative Star Wars Saga Edit
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15-Apr-2018, 7:21 PM

RogueLeader said:

That’s very cool! I have had two ideas on Dooku within the films. I always felt it would be interesting to have him be on the Jedi Council (preferably replace him with Yaddle), even if he doesn’t say anything.

Another idea was to still have him be a Sith Lord, but have him still use a blue or green lightsaber. The idea being that by posing as a rogue Jedi, he is hurting the Jedi’s reputation, and Palpatine could even argue that the Jedi were the one’s who set up the war in order to take control of the Republic. But that’s basically what already happened because I don’t think the public recognized him as a Sith Lord. I don’t even know if the public knows who the Sith are, so lightsaber color would be kind of arbitrary, and it would also make it unwatchable with the Clone Wars unless you edited them as well.

And thanks for the feedback guys, I’m glad you like it.

How about his lightsaber is a different color each film as he falls deeper into the Dark Side? In TPM, it’s green, in AotC, it’s yellow, and in RotS, it’s red. This would also avoid continuity issues with the CW, since you and I care about that.

As for putting him on the Council, that doesn’t really mesh with his background as a rebellious Jedi. After, he was Qui-Gon’s master, and Obi-Wan tells Qui-Gon that if he didn’t clash so much with the Council, he’d be on it. I’d imagine it was a similar situation with Dooku. Leaving the Order is the next logical step.

I am in favor of replacing Yaddle, though. I think Yoda should remain the only member of his species we ever see. It augments his mystery.