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The X-Files
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15-Apr-2018, 1:11 PM

ChainsawAsh said:

Season 8 is a surprising breath of fresh air though, so if you remember hating it at the time because of the Duchovny stuff, it’s worth a revisit. And the finale works very well as a series ending IMO.

Season 9 is just as bad as you remember, though.

I was surprised by how good 8 was. Agent Doggett was a much stronger character/lead than I expected. (I stopped watching regularly around season 5 or so — finished college and lost interest in TV for a while — and marathoned the entire series in preparation for season 10.)

I’ve enjoyed some of the “monster of the week” episodes in seasons 10 and 11, but the alien/conspiracy arc is a bust, and wiping the entire story from season 10 with the soap opera-like “it was all a dream” season 11 opener was just terrible.