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Ranking the Star Wars films
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15-Apr-2018, 9:33 AM
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15-Apr-2018, 9:52 AM
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MalàStrana said:

paja said:

6 Equilibrium (I’ts a Star wars movie to me.)

What ?

THX 1138 I could understand, but Equilibrium ?

edit: Frink, seriously dude, read the post by Jason, I believe it was written for you. Are you that stupid that less than 24 hours later you keep doing the very same thing you’ve just been warned about ?!? Unbelievable 😕

Mala, you believe wrong - it was written for everyone; in a bid for a bit tolerance and civility - yet also more in hope of encouraging more explanations or reasoning as to why members like and rate certain films more than others.

For example… paja’s post on why he rates Equilibrium as a Star Wars film of sorts. We may or may not agree - though paja has at least put over why, and fair play to him for doing so, it’s something to think about and also adds to the thread conversation (and Equilibrium is a film I’ll be now re-watching again soon).

Ryan-SWI’s post explaining why he rates the PT above others (in certain areas) is another - in what he is looking for from his viewing of the films - is another example.

And please lay off calling/questioning fellow members stupid etc - thank you.