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The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)
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14-Apr-2018, 8:24 PM

pleasehello said:

TiMartyn said:

ziggyonice said:

I’m late to the party here… but again, regarding Canto Bight…

Does anyone else have a problem with the whole “Rose hates rich people” element? Frankly, I would like to take some of the “real world” politics out of that sequence. I get it, war profiteering is bad, but do we really need a conversation about it in Star Wars?

I’d rather cut out that sequence, and never have Rose mention it.

I second this. It’s oddly detracting from a subplot that already detracts from the movie itself. “Political commentary,” if you want to call it that, feels cheap when it doesn’t say anything genuinely controversial or bold.

Yes. I’m generally not averse to political commentary in film if it’s done subtly or cleverly woven into the story. TLJ has the most ham-fisted political commentary I’ve seen in recent memory.

Unfortunately removing it also removes almost any further character development for Rose, which is why I left some of it my edit. I did remove the “Now it’s worth it” line, though. That was the worst.

Really? I thought that the line was about the only one that was earned.