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12-Apr-2018, 5:09 PM

chyron8472 said:

TV’s Frink said:

What thread am I in?


SilverWook said:

I finally caved and got a smart phone this year, but I don’t trust it to do anything beyond simple web browsing. I won’t even log into the forum with it.

…Why do you have it then? It’s just a small tablet that makes phone calls, and a tablet is just a laptop with no built-in physical keyboard. It’s a computer. Why do you have a computer if you’re too scared to use it?

Your wifi will not reenable itself (from being disabled) by itself, but it will connect if it is enabled and detects a wifi SSID you’ve connected to before (if you told it to). If you got a notification about connecting to wifi, it was probably because the business’ guest access point has a confirmation page (ie. “I’m not a robot”) you need to access before it will let you use the wifi.

Also, if your friend had an app that appeared to boot on its own, I’d bet money he has location sharing turned on, and some app (like Google Now) popped up a relevant notification for whatever business you were in at the time. You can turn off location sharing for specific apps, or altogether, if you don’t want your phone to do that.

Well, if you really must know, my previous dumb phone started going bad on me, (poor reception, being unable to send texts) but at least it had a text keypad. (My LG is the emergency back up phone and texts are a pain in the ass.) There don’t seem to be any current models out there with the little blackberry style QWERTY keyboard anymore, and this new phone was relatively cheap and on sale. I resisted a smartphone this long because I suck at touchscreens and have to use a stylus just to type.

And I’m not scared to use it. I’m merely cautious. I don’t have to my banking on the darn thing or update my social media status every two minutes. I’m also staring at this site for too many hours a day as it is. 😉