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Zachary VIII
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The Last Jedi: Legendary (SPOILERS)
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11-Apr-2018, 2:32 PM

MalàStrana said:

Which still makes me wonder about the 2 years production delay between trilogy entries under the rule of Disney. But TLJ is full of this little issues with items and characters out of the blue: the dice no one has never mentionned before, jedi books no one has never needed before (and certainly not Luke during the OT), an admiral that was nowhere to be seen the day before and who’s taking over the ops, Maz whose castle was destroyed a few days ago who can still be called by 3D phone and who’s in a situation we don’t get, Ren who needed to complete his training but who’s not doing so during the movie, Phasma who was left for dead and who betrayed the first order is now back in business, red guards that don’t react until the body they were supposed to guard is in two pieces, knights of Ren that seem to be something important in TFA and that are still not invited to join the fight (Ren has only almost killed, no hurry guys), Finn who becomes in a few hours a Resistance hero eveybody knows about, etc.

(that’s why I still don’t see the differences between Lucas and Disney on that matter anyway)

A lot of it has to do with the time period between TFA and TLJ. TFA ended in a cliffhanger, meaning that TLJ had to answer it immediately. If there was somehow a timeskip between the two, a lot of the plot holes you brought up wouldn’t exist.