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Episode VIII: The Ridiculest Jedi
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10-Apr-2018, 5:22 PM
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11-Apr-2018, 1:05 PM
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I love the idea of using the bloopers lol maybe if the entire clip isn’t useable because of unfinished effects you could just use the lines

here’s some of my ideas

have Poe say “you cannot escape the poe” over the com while he’s talking to Hux

when Luke tosses his lightsaber add a porg cry in the background to suggest he hit one with it

after Rey sees Kylo shirtless have her say “you’re a monster” then him say “Its just us now”

when Holdo first appears have a bunch of Raptor calls going on in the background or every time she appears on screen

have Alan Grant yell somewhere off screen at some point for her to “Boot up the door locks”

have “I’m Han Solo” playing when Rey and Chewie fly in on Crait followed by Kylo screaming to blow it out of the sky or have him whisper “Han Solo” under his breath before screaming “He means nothing to me” would also work

have Yondu yell “I’m Mary Poppins y’all” off screen during the Carrie Poppins scene hell maybe even cut to him and star lord flying

have Snoke yell “GENERAL” !!! at Hux when he first appears to him via hologram

have a montage of Kylo/Rey moments as Ben’s contemplating “Killing” her with “Best Friend” playing over it

when Rey literally reaches out have an echo of Han saying “that’s not how the force works”

have Luke say “but I was gonna go to Tosche station to pick up some power converters” some where in the movie

when Snoke pulls Rey close and is grabbing her face/head have “Careless Whisper” begin and cut to Kylo being jealous

when Rey’s in the cave have Palpatine’s voice ask if she’s ever heard the tragedy of darth plagueis then have Rey say “No” and have him reply with “It’s treason then”

when Rey lifts the rocks cut to Hermione saying “its leviosa not leviosaaaa”

have the hologram replaced with Luke and Leia kissing from ESB (preferably the close up from the deleted scenes) prompting Luke’s “That was a cheap move”

have R2 cycle through a bunch of old recordings while trying to get Leia’s hologram to play such as, “I hate sand”, “General Kenobi”, “How Wude”, “This is where the fun begins”, “Dew it” etc