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A Collaborative Star Wars Saga Edit
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5-Apr-2018, 3:23 PM
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I’m glad my thoughts were coherent and seem to have resonated. Jarbear and Rogue Leader, I think I agree with both of you. It feels like we’re leaning towards:

  1. The movies only are our single source of canon, with changes around consistency/simplification/clarity/quality
  2. The TV series are not, though we should try to avoid any major contradictions unless otherwise unavoidable. “Ohh, OK, Yoda discovered that Sifo Diyas was the Jedi who ordered the clones” - the TV series should be allowed to be optionally additive
  3. Other media are not

I’ll put a base spreadsheet together (free time permitting) once we’ve locked in some of the main goals and initial items. An example row might look like:

  • OBJ: Continuity > ITEM: Leia’s Mother > MEDIA: EpIII/EpVI > ISSUE: Explicit contradiction > NOTES: Dies in childbirth EpIII, remembered as child EpVI > CONSENSUS SOLUTION: Hal9000’s living mother footage to be included in EpIII
  • OBJ: Simplification > ITEM: Clone Origin > MEDIA: EpII > ISSUE: Complicated, name dropped and not referenced again > NOTES: Sifo Diyas name used in Yoda arc (S05E09-14) of TCW > CONSENSUS SOLUTION: Remove references to Sifo Diyas in EpII, imply Dooku, leave TCW as optional additional info

And then, for each item, I’ll also compare them each with a grid of all movies and fanedits I can get my hands on, and see how the existing content lines up.