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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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1-Apr-2018, 9:24 PM

DuracellEnergizer, you obviously didn’t look at those websites too thoroughly or maybe you were just being ‘selective’ with what you chose to copy/paste. Under the concise definitions on the sites you linked there are examples of usage of the word apologist - shall we take a look?

“Her question reflected a conventional Republican gripe, namely that the State Department is a cooing dovecote, full of apologists for Abroad.”

“The most serious native challenge to liberalism, made by the slaveholding oligarchy of the Old South, was crushed on the battlefield, and, despite the efforts of an ever-dwindling number of apologists, morally anathematized.”

“Its condemnation of America in general and the war in Iraq in particular meant that it became an apologist for totalitarian regimes.”

“The lives of American and British troops should not have been risked to rescue these apologists for terror.”

“English youth have been so educated time out of mind, and we have hundreds of thousands of apologists and admirers of injustice, misery, and brutality, as perpetrated among children.”

And on the Oxford English Dictionary page, the most respected of all dictionary sites, there are 15 given examples of how you would use the word apologist. Every single one has a negative connotation. Every one.

Lets take a look!

‘The Soviet Union’s ideology had many adherents and apologists throughout the West.’
‘Obviously there have been, and will be, apologists who want to defend or explain away the embarrassing elements.’
‘Those are my passions and, not infrequently, their proponents and apologists will be my targets.’
‘Religious apologists have tended to argue from authority to justify their beliefs, often quoting from texts such as the Bible.’
‘I’m suggesting simply that they make their presence felt in ways that draw the distinction between themselves and the apologists.’
‘Her alibi, offered by her apologists, is that she was starved of affection - a euphemism for sex.’
‘Nor do the apologists for this failure carry conviction.’
‘Studies in English were produced either by apologists, sensationalists or conspiracy theorists.’
‘The apologists have argued that drugs were not involved in his death.’
‘But it was the nature of the attacks from the political party, its apologists and some journalists that interested me most.’
‘But isn’t an apologist for racism who uses racist arguments a racist?’
‘Only those such as government spokesmen and official apologists for the war would deny this.’
‘My job here is not to be an apologist, but technology can’t always save us from significant changes in human nature.’
‘The only kinds of writers excluded were supporters and apologists of totalitarianism.’
‘There is, of course, no need to imagine people who would make such claims: they were Nazis and their apologists.’
‘I do not intend to get into an argument with an apologist for mass murder such as yourself.’
‘To make a proper argument or ‘apology’ for Christianity, the apologist must speak in the same language as his hearer.’

Case closed gentlemen.