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Star Wars VIII - Die letzten Jedi (The Last Jedi) (PittStone Edit)
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26-Mar-2018, 3:24 PM
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Star Wars VIII - Die Letzten Jedi (PittStone Edit)
Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi (PittStone Edit)
-FINISHED- ENGLISH or GERMAN Version’s available.

Since I do not like the original version, here is my fan Edit:
Password for Vids are:
Preview Vids only in 720p

English: (Google, Sorry)

-Opening text with revised texts

-At the beginning scene with the hyperspace jump of Episode VII in which Rey and Chewi fly to Luke’s planet
Left out a few scenes up to Luke so it does not work 1: 1 from Episode VII.
-At the transfer of the laser sword Episode VIII begins on the island with Luke and Rey first.
-Luke drops the laser sword only to the ground and does not throw it away behind him.
-When Luke says “Go away”, Chewie opens the door and Luke says “Where’s Han”, Cut to Kylo Ren who runs to Snoke without talking to Hux that the sling continues to tighten. Hux just runs past Kylo.
-After Snoke says “A new Vader”, there is no long air hold, he talks straight on

  • After Kylo destroys his mask, the scene is deleted where he runs out of the elevator and asks for his ship.

  • After seeing the mask devastated, He just runs silently past the two. Cut again to Rey and Luke. Luke says then leave me alone in his house and Rey runs after him.

  • (Deleted Scene) Here you can see Luke repairing the door, looking out to Rey and then bursting out in tears.
    -Then to Rey waiting in front of his house. Luke comes out and says “you are wasting your time”. Rey follows him.

  • To the island and Luke who runs from Rey to the other end of the island and drops his backpack to jump to the crevasse

  • After Luke carries the fish up the mountain on his back, Rey follows him for a while and then turns to the cave, because she hears the voices.
    After Luke interrogates Rey, he leaves the cave, saying Jedi time is ending. Rey asks why. Crossfade to the sun and Rey just waking up.
    -Kylo and Rey’s first power Skype.
    -Cut of Kylo who says, “You will not, the effort would kill you.”
    -Luke comes out of the house, Rey turns to him and follows him again. (No sentence from Luke: “What’s that?” And no fish critters)

  • No sentence from Luk “The first lesson” (All sentences with “Lessons” are cut)
    Hatch does not bite the blade of grass on Rey’s hand. After Rey reaches out with her hand, Luke rolls his eyes and puts her hand to the ground.

  • After Rey tells Luke he has turned his back on power and Luke leaves, transitioning to evacuation in outer space.
    -Poe has no text with Hux. He charges the energy and flies toward the battleship.
    -BB8 repairs the wires but without using his head at the end.
    Rose’s sister only hits the stairs once, then you can see Poe screaming.

  • No scene with the woman in the cockpit who always inclines her head and speaks as if everything was a Fun.
    -Finn wakes up after everyone has jumped into hyperspace. No clumsy fall off.
    -Poe listens to BB8 and looks to the right and says only “Finn”! Then he runs over to him. (No sentence "You have to have a thousand questions)
    -Finn says “Where’s Rey”?
    -Man now sees Rey asleep on the island, transmitter in hand.
    -Chewie chases the Porks turns back to his meal. Then Luke walks in the hawk to the cockpit.

  • After R2D2 has played him the Leia projection, Luke sends his head. Then transition to Leia who has lowered her head and the hyperspace jump ends.
    -After Snoke’s ship has appeared and Kylo is approaching Leia’s ship in his space shuttle, he has crossed to Luke, who has been sitting on Reay at night. Then back to Kylo and Leia. Then you see Luke sitting down and going into a trance.
    -After Hux sends Kylo back and Hux says that it’s only a matter of time, you see Leia in space. Back to Luke as he struggles. Then you see Leia and in the background as you again drives direction ship. Poe and Finn walk to the lock. And Leia is carried away.
    -Finn finds the transmitter. Back on the island to the sleeping Rey waking up and Luke standing behind her. Luke Says, “Tomorrow, at sunrise!” Then he goes through the door again. (No sentence: “I will acquaint you with the power and why the Jedi era must end”)
    -Then again, transition to Leia’s ship and Admiral Holdo is presented. No conclusion from Holdo: “May the Force be with us”.

  • After Poe and Holdo have quarreled, transition back to Rey. A new day has dawned, sunrise can be seen with clouds. Rey starts training with her fighting stick.

  • (Deleted Scene) Transition back to Finn with the transmitter. BB8 Shows him the projection. Finn slaps BB8 and leaves without saying anything.

-Finn grabs his things by the side of Rose. Just a short cry from Rose as she discovers Finn.

  • No sentence of Rose “Talking at all, yes”. Rose does not talk about how she has stunned others.
    -After Finn K.O. Rey is transitioning back to Rey as she is now training with the laser sword. When the laser sword divides the stone, transition back to Finn and Rose.
    Rose does not repeat Finn’s sentence…
  • No 3D projection that introduces Rose.

-After Finn and Rose landed. Speaks the alien incomprehensible with subtitles that it is forbidden to park there.

  • Short scene in the casino where you see some aliens playing, then Finn, Rose, and BB8 run in.
    -When Finn and Rose run to the codebreaker, stops the police and drag he’s away.
    -Luke does not say “lesson”
    -Finn and Rose talk in the jail with the other who then opens the door for them. Immediately the alarm sounds.
    -The two run after him. Then you see the policemen following them and finding the lid on the floor. Transition to the spaceship with which you escape and bring the two police ladder into flinging.
    -transition back to the island where Rey with Kylo Force Skype.
  • No explanation from Kylo as Luke attacked him. The Skype ends and Rey runs to the hole.

She falls down, goes to the mirror. After putting her hand on it and seeing herself, her mirror image is transparent and she sees the contents of Kylo’s second Force skype as Luke attacks him.
-no text from Rey “I thought I would find answers”. She says “I was wrong”.
-When Rey leaves the island and Luke wants to light the books, no crazy laugh from Yoda and “Skywalker I missed you”.

  • After releasing Poe, Holdo from command, transition to Finn Rose and the codebreaker.
  • (Deleted Scene) Finn puts BB8 in a bin and they all walk down the hall to the elevator. Finn presses the switch several times, but someone still stops. Then a few troopers enter the elevator behind them. Nobody says anything. After BB8 softly beeps, you leave the elevator and continue until BB8 hits the trooper’s leg and you see the elevator where Rey and Kylo drive up.
    -Admiral Holdo’s Scene fixed. (She looks like She will Die in the Original)

-Snoke gets closer to Rey. No close scene of the two. Snoke pushes you away and says, “Now you’re giving me Skywalker.”

-When Luke is shot at on the planet, no sentence from Hux “Do you think you caught him?”