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Info & Help: looking for... other ld-rips to dvd movies ex. blade runner int cut, songs of the south, frighteners dir cut - and much much more...
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26-Jun-2005, 10:55 AM
-Tyrell's death scene is more graphic with two additional shots of Batty's thumbs poking Tyrell's eyes.
-Additional footage of the fight between Deckard and Pris. This version shows Pris inserting two fingers into Deckard's nose and pulling it backward. It also shows Deckard ------shooting Pris 3 times to kill her, whereas the Domestic & Director's Cut versions only show him shooting her twice.
-Additional shot of Batty pushing the nail through the palm of his hand and then showing it come through the back of it.
-Deckard's narration and happy ending included.