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Great Monster War: Godzilla Monster Mash Edit (* unfinished project *)
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19-Mar-2018, 11:43 AM
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19-Jul-2020, 5:28 AM
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Thought I had made a post about it here, but it looks like I haven’t.

I’m slowly working on this, but I’m far enough along in this Showa era project to announce.

Here’s the gist…

Ghidorah the The Headed Monster and Invasion of Astro-Monster are both great movies and a nice showcase for Godzill’a arch-nemesis King Ghidorah. I tend to enjoy the Invasion storyline more than Ghidorah, but the finale fight of Ghidorah is WAY better and also includes Mothra where Invasion didn’t because of budgeting issues. Here’s the edit idea:

Using the Japanese editions of both Invasion of Astro-Monster and Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster along with footage from Godzilla vs. Mothra and Rodan, I am going to mash pieces of them together to make Great Monster War (one of the original titles for Invasion).

-The movie begins with Ghidorah’s egg landing on Earth (GtTHM)
-Rodan reappears after his death from his solo film (GtTHM)
-Godzilla appears and blasts a cruise ship (GtTHM)
-Godzilla follows Rodan and they fight (GtTHM)
-Ghidorah’s egg will hatch and Ghidorah will now begin flying around causing havoc (GtTHM)
-Ghidorah will interrupt the battle between Godzilla and Rodan and they will all fight (Invasion)
-All monsters will fall into the ocean and Ghidorah will emerge and fly away (Invasion)
-6 months later…astronauts are on their way to explore Planet X and text will explain this(Invasion)
-Invasion will play out mostly as normal with some minor edits and trims (Invasion)
-The Xiliens from Planet X take Godzilla and Rodan back to their planet and they fight Ghidorah (Invasion)
-Once the Xiliens tell the Earthlings that they now have control of Godzilla and Rodan, they will demonstrate by setting the monsters loose (Invasion along with editing of the subtitles)
-The government decide to call on Mothra to help (GtTHM)
-Because the government called on Mothra, the Xiliens decide this is an act of war and unleash Godzilla, Rodan and King Ghidorah
-Once the mind control has been broken, we will see the Mothra larvae speak briefly to Godzilla and Rodan (GtTHM)
-Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra will team up against Ghidorah and the battle will take place (GtTHM)
-Cutaway battle scenes to onlookers will be mixed with battle from GtTHM with onlookers from Invasion

I’m using the Japanese cuts, so I’m fixing up the subtitles and slightly changing anything I need to help further my intended plotline.