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Info: Recommended Editions of Disney Animated (and Partially Animated) Features
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18-Mar-2018, 5:18 PM
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Hello. I was the one that sent him that. For the record I don’t have any Disney laserdiscs. I only have DVDs that were copied from some LDs. In this case I had a MMM DVD that was copied from the Japanese laserdisc. So I clipped that scene and sent it to him to see if that could be inserted into his version. I also happily retired my Japanese LD copy after discovering the Doctor M restoration. I’ll be using that MMM and the R2 UK DVD of Melody Time till Disney releases them uncensored on blu ray.

I want to add that for a recorded VHS the scenes look mighty fine.

On the topic of Fantasia, myspleen has a version that restored the Pastoral scenes but still has Deems Taylor dubbed. Sadly I can’t find anyone who can get Deems out of this laserdisc:

I’d honestly be willing to purchase that off of ebay if anyone can help.

If Deems can be put into that restored version on myspleen, it would be the “perfect” Fantasia. Here is the description of the one on myspleen:

This was my attempt some years back at restoring the cut shots of Sunflower to Fantasia. The dual-layer DVD result as seen here incorporates those shots into the main film as taken from the original late-2000 DVD release. Full chapters, menus, bonus features, two audio commentaries and the end credits that were added for the earlier Laserdisc release are all included here. The main elements of the film – the audio tracks and 99% of the video were – if I’m recalling my work on this correctly – NOT REENCODED OR COMPRESSED in any way shape or form… thus the dual layer nature of the beast. Fantasia is one of my favorite films of all time and I wanted to keep the quality as high as possible to provide myself with something I could watch on a regular basis without being pissed off at the censorship.

UPDATE! Wow I just discovered something by accident. The 2000 UK DVD actually has original Deems Taylor intro, according to this: