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John Williams says IX will be his last.
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14-Mar-2018, 11:19 AM

A sad day this will be indeed though for me that kind of happened with Ep6 as the last movie in episodic order that I will listen up to now. I didn’t mind TFA’s soundtrack but it’s nothing special in my mind compared to the OT and PT soundtracks, with it being quite muted at times during the movie in comparison to the others and no real standout new themes.

I can’t even remember what TLJ soundtrack was apart from some licks of each character’s theme playing whenever they were on screen, so the ST soundtracks are pretty much a non event for me though the other 6 movies that came before will always be just as special to me as the movies themselves.

A mate of mine recently commented on me listening to SW soundtracks as if it were odd, him being a SW fan himself so I’ve spent the past few weeks listening to all 6 albums a number of times over to try and create a shortlist of tracks for him to try out. I listed the entire album for ANH though since that’s were it all started and everything is essentially derived from. If he enjoys it hopefully it will cause him to listen to all the albums.

I think SW music is really something to be truly appreciated and without it SW would certainly not be what it is today. Lucas’s purpose in using such music was to try and imbue all that additional emotion into the movie without needing to use dialogue and visuals alone and Williams achieved that to an absolute tee. I need only hear a few bits of a track to be instantly transported back to the scene and the emotions attached to it.