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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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12-Mar-2018, 6:29 PM
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SilverWook said:

As it requires no great sacrifice or personal inconvenience on their part, it kind of cheapens the concept of a boycott. Let’s see them deny their kids a trip to the parks or buying other Disney product.

Sorry but I don’t understand what personal sacrifice or inconvenience has to do with a boycott? The point is to get a message across by voting with your wallet, if anything the boycotters are better off from saving money and not having to sit through more movies they are fairly certain they are not going to enjoy anyway.

Why else would we boycott the movies other than we really do not care to watch any more Disney SW movies due to our experience with TLJ and the direction we can now see that the movies are heading in? At that you could almost say that it’s not a boycott and that Disney have simply lost part of their fan base which if they aren’t fans anymore of the new movies, they’re not going to see the movies or buy the home releases anyway. What makes it a boycott is that these people love their SW and still hope to see change to a certain extent in how these movies are being made as a result of hitting Disney where it actually hurts them. If this changes actually happens then they’ll get back the patronage of the boycotters.

Regarding kids, I certainly reserve the right to decide what my kids will watch and what I buy for them. Once they are old enough I’ll have no problem if they want to watch the ST and spend their own money on merchandise and we can have interesting conversations on the matter, that’s if they even like SW for that matter 😉 I’ll be bringing them up on a healthy dose of OT for sure but you never know if they’ll keep liking it as adults.

Edit: forgot to reply on your comment about kids