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Justice League Edit Concept
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11-Mar-2018, 4:09 PM
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These are some of my personal ideas as well as ideas I got from other folks online with my own spin on them I don’t plan on doing an edit because frankly I have no idea whatsoever what I’m doing when it comes mixing and cleaning up sfx and adding new music, but if I ever do I’ll definitely do something, I’ll post links and credit everyone I use footage from on YT here so you guys can get an idea
Like just about everyone else I would rescore the entire movie with Junkie XL/Hans Zimmer tracks from MOS & BVS and the WW Score as well as any other music that fits, I’ve seen it suggested that tracks from DC animated movies be used too which is a great idea
I’d also try to work in every possible clip or line of dialogue not used in the theatrical film
Alternate scenes/clips and ideas are in Bold

Alternate Opening

Instead of the Superman podcast intro how about…….
Bruce’s “Men are still good” speech from the end of BvS is heard over a black screen or some footage of the city (Perhaps not the whole speech) but something like this plus you could utilize cut dialogue from JL here such as “ I had a dream, it was the end of the world”
Bruce – “I failed him in life, I won’t fail him in death help me find the others like you”
Diana – “Perhaps they don’t want to be found”
Bruce – “They will, I had a dream it was the end of the world we have to stand together, we can do better, we have to”

Batman v Parademon

Here we could go to the Batman vs Parademon scene and leave it mostly intact except a few obvious things like Bruce saying “Alfred are you seeing this” out loud in front of a robber I’ve seen edits on youtube that cut him saying Alfred and just leave “Are you seeing this” (I actually do quite like this scene but I guess if you really hate it you could get away with cutting it down a bit or even cutting the robber out and have Batman standing on a ledge waiting for the demon to come up and attack him but then you would lose the signal plot point, the boxes imprint, AND the fact that parademons are attracted to fear, though this particular point is still made by Diana later during the history of Steppanwolf scene so who knows)
Then we go into the opening montage (Everybody Knows) maybe a different song can be used but other than that other footage of crimes and chaos can be added in just to really show the state of the world without Superman as well as the Shot from the trailers of Bruce looking at the hologram of Superman (Maybe) during the montage perhaps it can be suggested that Bruce has been looking into ways to revive Sups long before he suggests it to the League the shot of the newspaper saying “World without hope” can be inserted right before this clip or just about anywhere during this sequence

Wonder Woman Rescue

Here we just need to add more of the Wonder Woman theme during her beating the crap out of the bombers, it does play but not throughout the whole sequence, plus add that shot from the trailers where she kicks the one guy and does a slo-mo hair flip

Uniting The League


Bruce heading out to recruit Aquaman the scene of him saddling his horse and riding to the cliff overlooking the fishing village can be extended here plus the original shot of him looking at the village can be used all, the alternates inside the bar can be used such as Arthur saying “Talk” as well as the alternate takes to make the reshoots less obvious and finally cut around Arthur clearly calling Bruce Batman and also saying “You’re out of your mind Bruce Wayne”

The Flash

Bruce recruiting the flash just needs to utilize the clips and alternate takes from the trailers, plus the k-pop video can be restored to the screen displaying a skull and the music changed and finally the alternate shot of them leaving in the car can be extended with the clip released that shows the sign of central city while they’re leaving


Not much to say about this part Silas goes home and speaks to Victo, it seems fine the way it is but I did find someone rescore it on YT with a track from Tron Legacy and it works really well, other than that idk

Steppenwolf Attacks Themyscira

One of the best sequences in the movie in my opinion, nothing really needs to be done BUT I suppose you could cut Steppy referring to the box as mother I personally had no issue with it and figured he just called them that because they’re called mother boxes but we now know it’s actually part of a plot element that was cut, that being his mother Heggra’s life force is in the boxes and he’s directly talking to her you could probably remove this in all instances if you felt inclined to there may be one cut line here right before Steppy comes through the boom tube in the trailer Hippolyta says “Something is Coming” it can easily added in

Bruce & Diana

Hippolyta fires the arrow to warn Diana of the invasion, she goes to Bruce and they discuss bringing the league together, Diana tells the story of Steppenwolf there is a line in a tv spot of Diana saying “Long ago before I was born” this was likely part of the longer version of this scene and can easily be added back in accordingly

History of Stepphanwolf

Can’t think of anything


While Diana is watching the footage of Victor’s transformation into Cyborg, the dialogue from the trailer “Mechanical and biomechatronic body parts, he’s a Cyborg “ from Diana can be used before the footage gets interrupted and Alfred comes in on a related note the footage of the transformation should be cut and replaced with the one seen in BvS for continuity sake, then the scene continues I also had the idea of replacing the text on the screen that Victor is using to talk to Diana with something more hi-tech looking and finally the clip of him Soaring above the clouds can be inserted after he flies off (though it’s from a different scene altogether it could work here) for the part where Cyborg is in his home before figuring out who Bruce and Diana really are before agreeing to meet Diana, he hears Alfred’s voice from the earlier conversation with Bruce saying “Victor Stone, deceased” the slow motion clip of him playing football can be spliced in here as well as footage of a car crash and explosion from another film to represent his accident, if anyone wants to get really fancy you could even add a woman screaming Victor this can come right before he begins projecting holograms to suggest hearing that he’s been declared dead gave him a sort of flash back of his former life

Steppenwolf in Atlantis

Alternate shots of Aquaman looking on at the dead Atlantian and the original farther away shot of Mera approaching the box before Steppy appears

Meeting Gordon & The Tunnel Fight

With everyone together we come to the scene on the rooftop, they end up under Braxton Island, as they’re about to cross the broken bridge you could insert Diana saying “Shall We” from the trailer as she’s jumping across here, the scene of Cyborg telling Batman that he didn’t think he was real comes in just before Bats fires his grapple, they all cross and find Stepphanwolf with the hostages before Cyborg fires his blaster the scene of Diana saying “We do this together, on my lead” can be restored, the fight can go as usual utilizing the scene of the flash pushing the parademon through the door I’ve seen a few clips restored on Youtube but the exact location of where is up to the editor at this point, battle goes on with WW fighting Steppy (someone used the WW score a bit here and it’s amazing) Aquaman comes in and stops the flood (maybe utilize this score from the animated Throne of Atlantis movie) after the fight Cyborg takes off to get the last mother box from his home The shot of his armor covering his face as he’s flying can be added in quickly here before going back to Gordon assessing the damages caused by the fight the Again of his line about how it’s nice to see batman playing well with others can be restored


I can’t think of anything really to change other than possibly using the “I had a dream, it was the end of the world” here instead of in the beginning or utilizing some lines that were cut here as long as they make sense, cut the ‘The team needs Clark” line from Bruce so now it goes “The World Needs Superman” from Bruce then “And what does Clark need” from Alfred

Return of Superman

Again can’t really think of anything other than maybe adding a brief vison of the Knightmare future after Cyborg plugs into the ship, supposedly this is what originally happened this can also set up for later when he tries to split the boxes, I saw someone edit a more complete vision of the future using bits of the Knightmare as well as clips from other films this makes Steppy’s line “Now do you see it” a lot more clarity the shot of the leagues feet can be restored right before Superman turns around and sees them, you can probably get around Bruce saying Clark and just have him turn and see him during the scene I’ve seen people add lines/clips from MOS & BvS to imply Clark is thinking or sort of regaining his memories it seems like a good idea honestly I also read somewhere that Clark’s eyes were glowing red when he says “Tell me do you bleed” to Bruce if someone could do that I say go for it as for Lois calling him “Clark” out loud you could probably edit enough so it seems like he just notices her as well

The Kent Farm

Use original trailer footage to include the “I’ll take that as a yes” etc and to make everyone happy cut the “Itchy” and “You smell good” lines and Possibly add voice over from Pa Kent and Jor-El while Clark’s in the field further signifying his thoughts

Preparing For Battle

Add Clark going tom the fortress to get his suit, and add the “bridge between two peoples speech” or parts of it, then while the League is in Russia cut to Clark meeting Alfred scene

Final Fight

Possibly rearrange Superman’s entrance to try to cut as much of the CGI moustache as possible (I’ve seen at least one good example) Cut Bruce’s goofy smile when Clark arrives as well as the “Not’ from “I don’t……not” by cutting to Clark hearing the civilians as if cutting him off, plus cut Bruce’s “Clark” after the boxes split, restore Lois’ original speech for the ending montage as released in the “Hope” motion poster