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The Last Jedi : a Fan Edit Ideas thread
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5-Mar-2018, 12:37 AM

I was thinking about some pretty radical changes. Luke dying on the end for not much pretty much bothered me. So, what if Luke destroyed starkiller base in the end of the and then died. He meditates and then dies because he blew up a whole planet. Obviously this would require many changes. The change would have to move the the starkiller sequence to tlj. The planets that starkiller base blow up need somethibg. Maybe the dreadnaught from tlj fires and blow up the planets. Moving that sequence to TFA.

Luke’s Jedi training in tlj could happen in the first movie. Snoke’s throne room is on starkiller base.

The link between kylo and Rey happens immediately when they meet.

These are some pretty radical edits but would be pretty amazing.