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Mike O
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4-Mar-2018, 5:37 AM
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darthrush said:

DominicCobb said:

darthrush said:

Nice to see you enjoyed it. I also find it very nice. One of the plot threads felt a little cliche but the core of the movie was about her relationship with her mother which was very interesting and touching. Overall, it’s a very genuine film with great acting and though it’s not my favorite of the year, I’d be fine with it taking home Best Picture. I just can’t accept Shape of Water winning.

Why though

I mean of course, whatever wins will win, I just find Shape of Water overrated. Not nearly as much as Darkest Hour which has no place in the nominations whatsoever in my opinion. I find CMBYN or Three Billboards deserving of the award. If they nominated BR 2049 then I’d give it to that in a heartbeat.

As a major-league del Toro fanboy, I liked Shape of Water, though I didn’t find it his best work. But I’d love to see him take home the gold, especially as a genre filmmaker. Darkest Hour was OK, but I think Oldman will take home Best Actor.