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Batman Forever : The Tim Burton Cut Ver.3 (Released)
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2-Mar-2018, 1:37 AM
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13-Aug-2020, 9:01 AM
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Ooooh holy cow guys time for another BF edit but this time i’m gonna finalize my Burton Cut!

So what will be the difference in this version & my last one?Well simple i was working on the BF audio by isolating the vocals from the music by using the expanded score & was surprised how well the vocals came out

Here’s a sample

Plus the best part about the expanded score is that i will be able to leave more of BF’s sound effects intact as the score itself is clean & un-ripped from the DVD so i don’t have to worry about sound effects overpowering the music in the BG.

Alright time for idea & cutlist

-B89 sound effects & ambience will be added just in case

-Elfman’s score will be still in the edit like in my old version

-Every deleted scene will be added obviously

-Stickly’s death will remain

-Circus raid will remain

-Thinking about adding the safe sequence as it’s very easy to edit along with editing the guards annoyance plus attack of the batwing really suits the scene perfectly

-Cutting more of Two-face’s laughing as much as possible

-Lowering the staturation of the daytime scenes slightly & heavily at nighttime to match B89’s style

-Debating whether or not to add BF’s batmobile or 89’s in this version as there are number of fans who love the BF batmobile & just wanna make both sides happy

Along with the opening as well (89 style) (BR style)

-Thinking about changing BF’s gotham city (nighttime) but need suggestion on what movies have city shots that are similar to burton’s gotham

So that’s pretty much it for right now but i’ll post again once i get into the edit more but feel free to comment on what you guys think & leave suggestion on what can make BF better or fit more place in the trilogy.