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Mike O
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22-Feb-2018, 6:43 PM
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ChainsawAsh said:

Tried watching Justice League tonight.

Tried. Holy shit is it bad.

And this is coming from someone who genuinely liked Man of Steel and didn’t think BvS was quite the abomination many saw it as (though it’s not exactly good).

I’m going to try to finish it someday, but I’ll need lots more booze first, if only to be able to see past the mustache removal (which isn’t even the worst of the CGI I’ve seen so far).

I thought that Justice League was better than I was expecting, though majorly flawed. WB want to hurry to catch up with Marvel, and they’re trying to do something fast that you just can’t rush.

The Magnificent Seven- It ain’t Sturges, and it sure as hell ain’t Kurosawa, but director Antione Fuqua’s remake/retelling/reimagining/whatever is a lots of fun as a straight action flick with some good performances from a a team of cool stars. It has little or the social depth of either of the previous versions and is light on character development, but has a couple of impressive action set pieces and some striking cinematography. Denzel Washington is a commanding screen presence, Chris Pratt has fun as his usual wisecracking hero, Ethan Hawke is terrific as a self-loathing PTSD-rattled soldier, and Vincent D’Onofrio has a blast chewing the scenery. Nothing like a masterpiece, but a solid, entertaining action movie-Western that has no delusions about what it is or wants to be. Lots of fun.