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The Last Jedi: Official Review and Opinions Thread ** SPOILERS **
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19-Feb-2018, 11:52 PM

OK, when I first gave my opinion on TLJ I only described in one word as perfect. This was mostly due to me being without any internet connection whatsoever meaning I had to be brief, but now that I got my Internet back I’ll give a more in-depth review of the movie. OK here it goes:

Back in December 2015 when I saw TFA with my father we both came out disappointed because the movie was essentially the first SW movie and as time passes I must say the only two scenes I like about that movie are the one where Chewie rips Unkar Plott’s arm off (which was inexplicably deleted) and the lightsaber duel between Kylo Ren and Finn/Rey, other than that TFA has earned the distinction of being the first of the main SW movies that I didn’t like, and to this day I find it incredibly baffling that the movie has gotten so much praise and talk about how engaging the story and characters were. Huh? Anyway, back to this movie. Even though I greatly enjoyed Rogue One despite telling a story that really didn’t need telling I was still very pessimistic about TLJ, and the cynic in me was totally expecting TLJ to be a remake of TESB in the same way TFA is a remake of the first SW, especially after reading an interview with Adam Driver in which he stated TLJ was a lot like TESB which was the biggest possible red flag, and even though the trailers were pretty awesome I still kept my guard up, so I decided to wait for a friend of mine who got opening day tickets to tell me if the movie really was its own story or just The First Order Strikes Back, and after confirming through text message that indeed the movie told its own story I felt my expectations go from zero to 100 instantly, so there I went four days later to the cinema and as soon as soon as the opening crawl started rolling to the tune of the main SW theme blasting I felt a rush of emotion like never before, because I knew that at last I was watching the movie I expected TFA to be, a movie that breaks way from the crutches of the OT and forges its own path. Rian Johnson takes all of Abrams’ and Kasdan’s dumb ideas and tosses them down the garbage chute. Who is Snoke? DEAD! I always found it strange that the remnants of the Empire which would later become the First Order would pledge themselves to a random Force wielder with no previous ties to the Empire. Who are Rey’s parents? A couple of assholes who sold her and fucked off Jakku, excellent because that was another pet peeve I had with TFA, that I consider the whole mystery around Rey’s origins to be utterly pointless. Luke being a hermit who has no interest in training a new generation of Jedi? Actually that part is true to what Gary Kurtz had in mind when pre-production for ROTJ started, as he wanted the movie to end on a bittersweet note with Han dead, Leia having to deal with her new role as leader and Luke walking away from everything instead of the happy ending with everybody celebrating on Endor, so in a way Johnson is honoring Kurtz’s wishes which is really sweet (I don’t know if Kurtz has seen TLJ but if he has I would love to know what he thought). I really liked Luke’s mindset at the start of the movie which is basically “if you’re Force-sensitive then feel free to use the Force in whichever way you see fit, why bother being a Jedi?”, of course Yoda’s ghost later changes his mind but that’s OK with me, because his friends still need him. After dealing with the Praetorian Guards I must say if I were Rey I would have taken up Kylo’s offer of joining forces with him. Can you imagine that alliance? Kylo Ren representing the Dark and Rey representing the Light, a genuine balance in the Force, but Rey refused and I’m fine with that because that would have made the movie too awesome. One part of the TLJ that has been strongly criticised is the whole Canto Bight subplot with Finn and Rose, but personally I had no problem with their little andventure, in fact I enjoyed it as much as the rest of the movie. Basically I loved every single second of TLJ, but knowing episode IX will be directed by Abrams I’m afraid this will be the only good movie in the sequel trilogy, and even though it’s not the official title the final installment of the main saga will be Return of the Fan Service, which is real shame. It’s not all doom and gloom though, because after writing and directing such a fantastic movie I must say I’m really looking forward to Rian Johnson’s SW trilogy, a story that will take place in a different part of the Galaxy and will have no connection to the Republic/Empire/First Order saga.
I must conclude by stating that I’m really sursprised by all the backlash TLJ is getting. What were you guys expecting? That all your fan speculations would come true? It doesn’t work that way, people.

My final rating of Star Wars: The Last Jedi - 10/10.

P.S.: Apologies for the wall of text, I really appreciate it if you read it all the way through.