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I didn't like The Force Awakens. Should I see The Last Jedi in theaters? (NO SPOILERS)
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15-Feb-2018, 1:47 PM

Mjolnir Mark IV said:

I ended up seeing it in theater. To anyone else in my situation, I would say wait for video, or maybe even never see it.

Hopefully nobody takes that advice and makes their mind up for themselves. My daughters b/f hated TFA and didn’t want to go and see TLJ because of it. He was even more adamant not to go see it after the backlash he saw online after it was released. I finally convinced him to at least give it a try and to make his own mind up, ignoring what he has read. And now he is pissed. But not because he didn’t like the film. He loved it. But he was pissed because he left it too late and is now unable to go and see it again in the cinema because its ended its run and now has to wait until the Blu-Ray comes out. He is actually gobsmacked at the negative reactions the film got. But he did hate the Leia in space scene 😉