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Imhotep's Skywalker Saga (EP1-8 + CW03 & R1) (V2 Released)
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14-Feb-2018, 5:52 PM

Thanks for the extensive reply! Hopefully I can bring the three trilogies together and make them more cohesive, but I’m a little worried about it as well 😄

Yeah, you’ve got it, those are the main changes.

As for the names, I can give some reasons as to why I chose them. I’ve tried to vary the titles a bit (mostly by avoiding the “X of the Y” formula). I guess the ep6 and ep8 theatrical titles are just a reference to Luke, so I don’t find them very interesting either, but I’ll try and justify my ep1 and ep8 titles being so similar:

  • Veil of Darkness continues in the vein of The Phantom Menace and Hal’s Cloak of Deception, implying that there is some dark unknown force yet to be revealed. It also refers to Anakin’s character, as his fate is unknown at this point.
  • A Separatist Threat was used because ep2 is about misdirection and setting up the tragedy of ep3. So the opening of ep2 is meant to imply that the Separatists are the most pressing danger to the Republic, but the Republic will become the Empire due to internal causes, such as the passivity of the Jedi and the ambition of Palpatine.
  • Twilight of the Republic refers to the light/darkness metaphor established in the ep1 subtitle. Also, in ep6 Yoda delivers the line “Twilight is upon me, and so night must fall”, so it’s also a reference to this.
  • Dominion of the Sith describes the political situation at the beginning of the film, however it’s also a slight misdirection, as by the end of the film the Rebellion has emerged to challenge (and ultimately overthrow) this dominion.
  • A Hidden Fortress is a reference to the Kurosawa film, and to the various hidden fortresses in ep4: the Death Star, Tatooine for Obi-Wan and Luke, and Yavin IV. Also, one of the Imperial Moffs almost finishes delivering the line “…or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Rebel’s hidden fortress” before he is force choked by Vader.
  • The Force Unknown is an inversion of The Force Awakens. It also refers to Vader for Luke, the Rebel cell on Hoth for the Empire, and both the Force and the Chosen One for Yoda and Obi-Wan (as they will, in ep6, continue to counsel Luke to kill rather than redeem Vader).
  • A New Dawn refers to the light/darkness metaphor, specifically to Twilight of the Republic, as the new Republic of ep7 is able to be established due to the events of ep6.
  • Fate of the Rebellion is to contrast with the optimism of A New Dawn in that ep7 undoes much of what was achieved in the OT, as the Jedi Academy and Republic are destroyed once again. So the new dawn promised by ep6 was false in some sense.
  • Odyssey of Darkness refers to the light/darkness metaphor again, specifically to Veil of Darkness, and indicates the position of the heroes of ep8 in relation to the heroes of ep1, as in ep8 our heroes are beyond the veil of ep1; in ep8 our heroes are now in the position of the Separatists of the PT, whereas this was not exactly true for the Rebellion of the OT (except perhaps for Saw Gerrera). Odyssey of Darkness also equally refers to Rey’s more existential odyssey and to the odyssey of the Resistance fleet from D’Qar to Crait, perhaps also to Finn and Rose’s odyssey which has fatal consequences for the Resistance fleet.
  • Triumph of the Force refers to The Force Unknown, as ep9 will presumably fulfil the contradictions of the previous episodes, and so the Force will have become fully realised at this point.

For these reasons I’d prefer to keep Odyssey of Darkness as is, but thanks for your suggestion.

I love this idea about giving Rogue One the “Episode IV” number and increasing the number of the other episodes, as I consider Rogue One to be essential for the OT, but I wonder if this would make things a bit too confusing?

Thanks for pointing out those problems with the demo clips, I think I’ve fixed up the problem with the Boss Nass scene, and I’ll review the ep5 Hoth medbay scene and deleted scene integration when I have time. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the cuts run a bit smoother there. If you find any other errors please let me know 😃