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I didn't like The Force Awakens. Should I see The Last Jedi in theaters? (NO SPOILERS)
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14-Feb-2018, 5:15 PM
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14-Feb-2018, 5:20 PM
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Mjolnir Mark IV said:

I ended up seeing it in theater. To anyone else in my situation, I would say wait for video, or maybe even never see it.

Unfortunately I was late getting to this thread but I would have said a definitive “No” based on my own feelings on TLJ (pretty much hated it) and from what you’ve said about TFA (which I pretty much agree with all of it despite mostly enjoying TFA).

Obviously you didn’t like TLJ either and like me, probably wish you could go back in time and decide to not watch it? I’d be interested to see a break down of your thoughts on TLJ like you did for TFA earlier in this thread, though you might need to post it still in the review thread due to the spoiler policy not being lifted till tomorrow on the 15th (going of the date of this post).