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Frank your Majesty
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Which has more CGI: Phantom Menace or Force Awakens
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14-Feb-2018, 2:16 AM

I think it depends how you define “more CGI”. Do you compare the amount of shots with CGI to CGI-free shots? Then I would assume TPM has more. If you want to compare the number of objects created with CGI, I would say they are about even. If you want to take into account how detailed the CGI is, maybe by comparing the computer hours spent on rendering, I guess TFA has more, simply because it is newer and had more resources available (correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it also done in 4K? Compared to the HD resolution of the TPM effects, that would add a lot of computer time).

When people say “the prequels have too much CGI”, what they really mean is “the prequels rely too much on CGI”. It doesn’t matter if TPM uses more miniatures than the OT or if TFA uses more CGI than TPM. In TPM, the practical effects like miniatures are hidden in the background, while the CGI is very prominent. In TFA, the practical effects were very prominent, while the CGI was mostly in the background.