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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **
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7-Feb-2018, 5:15 PM

Anchorhead said:

Apologies if this is somewhere in the previous pages; It looks like we’ll be seeing the Falcon before Han made a lot of special modifications himself.

The image has been out for a bit (and you can see the ship clearly in the trailer), but I don’t think we’ve discussed it much.

I don’t mind the Falcon being new and looking a bit different than what we’re used to, but I’m not crazy about the design choices we’ve seen so far. I agree that the interior looks a bit TOO antiseptic but I can live with it.

What really bugs me is the enclosed front mandibles. The Falcon is supposed to be a freighter, but the shape/design really doesn’t make any sense for loading cargo… and I always remember the front appendages being referred to as “docking mandibles” back in the 90’s. Which made sense to me. I always envisioned it doing exactly what the concept art below (from TFA I believe?) shows. THAT’s how it hauls cargo (in my mind). So closing that gap up is the one redesign that I’m really not a fan of at all. I’ll reserve final judgement until I actually see the film, but right now I really don’t like this particular design choice.

As for the film itself, I’m not yet convinced this actor will be able to pull off the character of Han for me, but I’ll give him a chance. Everything else in the trailer looks pretty awesome.