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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **
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7-Feb-2018, 4:50 PM

DominicCobb said:

darthrush said:

Collipso said:

It has been confirmed as the funniest Star Wars movie to date, apparently.

Good grief. The humor has begun to get a bit overboard in the new films for me. Rogue One had a nice balance of humor similar to the OT which only has a few subtle jokes. And I’m quite sure a western noir isn’t meant to be the funniest movie in a franchise that has the prequels and TFA+TLJ.

The prequels aren’t funny.


And this should be the funniest Star Wars movie.


I think it’ll be pretty pulpy,

I hope so.

that’s what’ll tie these genres together, just playing around with these genres in a fun, retro-styled way. It’s all kinda perfect for the character.