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5-Feb-2018, 5:12 PM

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

HerekittykittyX said:

Mark’s Down On Your Syntax said:

What inconsistencies were there? Although I’ve seen it a few times I haven’t got around to buying it on disc yet so I haven’t thoroughly dissected it! I remember actually being impressed that continuity with the movies was so good.

Agree there was no issues except for Anakin not mentioning ashoka in revenge of the sith.

I think that can be overlooked because he did have a few other things to think about at that point in time!

But I suppose if they’d known Ahsoka was going to exist when they made the movie they could’ve put a reference to her in the scene when Anakin is talking to the council, or maybe Palpatine could’ve mentioned her?

Clone wars came out after revenge of the sith.