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Info: On collectible film cells from eBay
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4-Feb-2018, 5:15 AM

Hi everybody

I started looking into collecting some individual film cells which can be found on eBay.

There are a few IMAX 15/70mm cells but none of them are from the IMAX “Escape from Jakku” scene, but they’re still cool.

Regarding the 70mm collections from Willits from the mid-90s, I understand they were printed not for screening, but specifically for chopping up and selling, and that’s fine by me. But I just wanted to know: do they have the 6 magnetic audio tracks? I’m guessing that’s what the black bands on each side are do but since I don’t really know anything about film I’m asking. Judging from this image there should be 4 bands whereas the Willits ones only have 2? I won’t be listening to them (lol) but I’d like to know what I’m buying.

On 35mm ones: I learned to spot the Special Edition ones because of the Dolby Digital track in between the perforations. But there are some out there which are letterboxed / matted (hard matted - is this the right term?) Am I right in assuming that all theatrical release prints are anamorphic therefore the matted ones are necessarily from trailers?

And last, but not least, on original theatrical cut film: shouldn’t all 35mm prints be all red by now? Or does that only happen with some film stock?

Album I just made with samples:

That’s all for now. Thx! 😄